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My Mother’s Friend by Sally Jameson Bond

When I launched my author web page last year, my wonderful web designer, Michelle Gill, happened to mention “you know you’ll be blogging, too, right?” I didn’t, but I trust Michelle. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet. She said I could write anything I wanted as long as it related to my novel in some way. Lucky for me, I wrote a story that takes place during World War II—plenty of grist for the old blog mill (aka Sally’s Soliloquies). Today’s blog won’t specifically mention World War II (except for twice in this paragraph and once in the tags below). Today’s blog is about something else.

Tomorrow—October 6, 2022—is my Amazon Book Launch Day. It’s really happening! This current (and completely unexpected) writing journey began with an idea in early February 2015. It will end on a lovely October day (it will be lovely in southwest Virginia at any rate). Tomorrow I will send My Mother’s Friend out into the world. I will miss the people not involved in the sequel—some of the Swenssons, the Nelsons, the Rasmussens, the Zetterholms, Ed Mattson—but I am excited about my next journey, meeting new characters in new environments.

Before I began writing in late 2017, I knew I needed a comfortable space in which to write. So, our tiny guest room, such as it was, became my writing room. We found a perfect chair (on sale!), a navy-blue leather Ekornes Stressless Recliner with a footstool (not shown). Bookcases were filled with relevant materials and books, and I filled a cork board with photos from Algona (for inspiration) and other odds and ends. I kept calendars from 1944 and 1945 near me so I could keep track of dates and days. I’m still using the Lenovo laptop I bought online in April 2016 for under $300.00. Quite a steal!

In 2018, we purchased an HP color laser printer that also copies and scans. At the time, I didn’t know I would be using the scanning feature as much as I have, mostly for photos and documents for my blogs. I'm so glad I have that handy device nearby.

Over the past seven years, I’ve put several thousand miles on rental cars as I traveled to Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, and Washington DC on quests to learn all about POW camps in America in general and Camp Algona specifically as well as life on the home front. I’ve met so many helpful, interested, and enthusiastic people along the way, and all of them offered the encouragement I needed just then. If you’re reading this and are one of those people, please know I am forever grateful.

My next writing journey will commence as soon as possible. I expect it to be a smoother trip, much shorter, certainly, and easier, hopefully. The research will be much less involved this time around.

I got the proof copy from Amazon last Friday. Looks great! Okay, better than great. 😊

Here’s the link to my Amazon book page:

I do hope you’ll check it out.

Many blessings to all.



Sally Jameson Bond is retired and lives in southwest Virginia with her husband Joe and Bart, Dog Number 8. My Mother’s Friend is her (very soon to be published) debut novel. You can find her web site here:

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